Dianne McFarlane:

Dianne lives in a small town in Central Newfoundland, Canada's most Eastern Province. She is originally from Nova Scotia and met her hubby of forty years there.He was in Dental School and Dianne in Nursing. They have three grown children, and three grandchildren.

Her first passion is painting and has been drawing since she was very young. Approximately thirty years ago, she began painting in oils, and following a watercolor workshop, became totally devoted to her new-found medium enjoying the softness and gentleness of watercolor, and over the years has learned how to control the medium.

While she spends most of her time painting in watercolor, enjoying Acrylics and Soft Pastels. Recently began painting Acrylics on the 'gallery profile' stretched canvas, usually quite large. Dianne began teaching watercolors over twenty years ago, and still has approximately thirty students attending fall, winter, and spring classes. Much of her work is sold, and resides in private collections.

Her second passion is the computer and admits to be totally addicted to Paint Shop Pro doing many online classes in PSP. This led her to joining groups to play with tutorials, and have fun creating. All of this inspired her into doing online HTML classes and web page design, as she wanted to have her own site and write tutorials. Dianne has found it to be both rewarding and enjoyable, having now her own site, Vision Designs, plus she is the owner of a wonderful group PSP FriendsNMore. It is a small group of folks from all over the world, who just enjoy playing with PSP. Her latest passion is to learn Virtual Painting...Classes begin soon.*S*

Not really big on the craft thing, but she does have a couple of things she enjoys doing...Smocking and making her own soap.

Her belief is ...'If two other hands and a brain have accomplished something, she fails to see why she can't.

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