Kimberly Van Rossum:

Kimberly was born, raised and live in the Great Pacific Northwest state of Washington. She lives with her husband, his son and one feisty cat.

She enjoys all creative things and has been involved in art for as long as she can remember. She knew she would be an artist from the get go. As a young child, Kimberly used to fall asleep coloring in her coloring books. Outside of art classes in high school, she has been pretty much self-taught.

Kimberly has done paintings in oils, water colors and acrylics. Her favorite is water colors. She has painted on most anything; clothes, mirrors, tiles and sinks, murals, furniture, lamps, glassware and anything else her little mind can think of. She has designed for several rubber stamp companies, some of them exclusively. She has also worked as an interior designer. She currently designs and creates bead jewelry and her relatively new to scrapbooking.

Kimberly has brought you here on MangelsDesigns some very pretty things that she has painted with her beloved water colors and she hopes that her designs will bring as much joy as she had when she designed them.

Visit the beautiful Kimberly´s paints & graphics:

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