Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker works with the world's largest private newspaper archive based on the coast in South West Scotland near Scotland's national book town - Wigotwn in Dumfires and Galloway. This location provides the perfect conditions for storing and preserving archived newspapers as it's incredibly important to avoid atmospheres that are hot, bright and dry!

Thomas has enjoyed watching the archive grow over many years from various sources, such as libraries and private collections from all over the world. The archive continues to grow to this day as current titles are collected and stored so that they too can be referenced and enjoyed by future generations in years to come.

There are now over 7 million newspapers available dating back as far as 1685, with a huge range of titles of genuine originals predominantly from the UK and the US making up the bulk of the archive. Working alongside Thomas there is a dedicated research team who receive inquires ranging from researchers at theater companies to the police conducting criminal investigations. Something else that Thomas is pleased to help facilitate is providing reproductions of newspapers from milestone historical events, such as World War II or the first moon landing. These are used as learning resource materials for students and are frequently provided to schools, universities, libraries and other accredited further education establishments.

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