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About Us

MangelsDesigns.com is based in the USA. Our goal is to create and maintain the most complete and extensive digital scrapbooking site on the Web and to offer the largest variety and highest quality designs within the reach of all, from beginner to veteran scrappers.

MangelsDesigns was born from a unique idea. This site is not a typical digital scrapbooking site. Our working model is to gather design collections from widely diverse designers and make them accessible for digital scrapbooking use. To achieve this objective, we have carefully chosen a team of international freelance designers with extensive experience and a great passion for their work. We offer unique, exclusive and unusual designs that you won't see in another digital scrapbooking Web site.

All the collections that we acquire can be enjoyed by our Members with just one low Membership fee that covers lifetime access to the current collections and to all future collections, as well. The project expansion process hasn't stopped, and we continually search for new freelance designers and new collections for digital scrapbooking that are different from the conventional ones.

MangelsDesigns places special attention on copyrights and adheres to all laws against illegal use of copyrighted material on the Internet and other media. As we respect the intellectual property rights of others, including copyright, in order to comply and according with the requeriments of the U.S. Copyright Act, MangelsDesigns has adopted the Copyright Policy that you can read here which applies to the whole site.

We hope to be your best inspiration in this wonderful world of digital scrapbooking and to help you make your valuable pictures into true works of art.

About Us
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