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Beryl Peters /UK

Beryl Peters is an English designer and writer. She is a keen member of the Ephemera Society and has built up huge archives of Victorian scraps, old greeting cards, postcards, autograph and illustrated photograph albums, books, calendars and many other decorative images, which she draws on to help her create designs. Her antiquarian library also helps her in writing small gift books on etiquette and English life in bygone eras. She is still a keen collector and sells off duplicate and excess original scraps in the store on her website, which is updated monthly.
Beryl's designs are used on products as varied as jigsaws, greeting cards, calendars, photo albums, pad blocks, stickers, gift wrap, crackers and many more items. She is now thrilled to have her Afternoon Splendor designs produced on fabric by P&B Textiles and hopes that it will be the first of many of her designs made available to the quilting industry. Beryl's new venture is designing 3D decoupage kits for greeting card companies which will develop into applications for the scrapbooking Industry. She designs and oversees the hand crafting of nostalgic 3D decoupage cards which are sold through smaller outlets in many countries. Christmas images are her speciality.
Beryl was a teacher for over 25 years in secondary schools, before beginning her design work after her children went to university. She lives in the heart of England with her husband and established a studio in their home so that she could also care for her aged mother in law, who died recently at the age of 96 years of age.

Shelly Mc Vittie/ Canada

Shelley tells a story with brushes & acrylic paints that is quite unique. She creates images that will take you back 'a few moments in time', allowing you to reflect & remember times gone by ...
Her paintings are bright, inviting, delightful and her recordings of even the tiniest details magically draws the viewer into the paintings time & time again. Her enchanting imagery that is so endearing and percolates with her subtle humor, has captured collectors and galleries from Europe, United States as well as her native Canada ...
Hand painted Matte Extensions and Personal Art Remarques have become Shelley's signature for her artwork and are gaining increasing popularity as she has developed her own special way of making them uniquely yours, creating a truly heirloom treasure for you and your family to enjoy for years to come .
To date Shelley has produced over 36 Limited Edition Reproductions, over 18 Art & Note cards and a couple of lines of Sweatshirts and T-shirts ...
Shelley's work has graced several magazine covers and articles have been written and/or artwork was featured in such magazines as Century Home, Canadian Art & Framing Magazine, Seasonal Post and the Daytripping, as well as others ... and Shelley has been a featured artist at several Art Shows in Ontario.

Susan Gabriel / USA

Writer/editor and digital designer, Susan and her sweetheart of 22 years live in Texas with two small dogs and two parrots. As a mother of two children and grandmother of three, Susan has a wealth of photo material for her interest in scrapbooking. It was this interest that led her to MangelsDesigns.
Susan has 30+ years of experience as a writer/editor, and her expertise has been put to good use at MangelsDesigns where she recently assisted in a rewrite of the site's text. Amazingly enough, she says she enjoyed every minute of it! Susan has always been an avid reader and even as a child, would sometimes get distracted mid-sentence while reading a book when a better way to phrase the sentence would pop into her head.
Susan has edited technical manuals, books, newspapers, and magazines and is a proposal writer in high demand— her proposals have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in new business for her employers over the past 20 years.
With a long-standing interest in art and design, Susan always had the desire to express her creativity in a unique way. When she discovered digital design, she quickly realized that this versatile medium was perfectly suited to her talents and abilities. To improve her skills in PhotoShop, Susan took courses at a local college and now applies her knowledge at her current job where she designs covers for the technical proposals she writes. In her spare time, Susan experiments with new scrapbook designs.
Susan's premier collection, Wish You Were Here, is a set of pre-made double page layout designs exclusive to MangelsDesigns and is perfect for framing your vacation photos or good times at home. A recent trip to France and Great Britain inspired Susan to create this collection and provided us a photo of Susan in Paris that we could include with her bio.

Dianne McFarlane / Canada

Dianne lives in a small town in Central Newfoundland, Canada's most Eastern Province. She is originally from Nova Scotia and met her hubby of forty years there.He was in Dental School and Dianne in Nursing. They have three grown children, and three grandchildren.
Her first passion is painting and has been drawing since she was very young. Approximately thirty years ago, she began painting in oils, and following a watercolor workshop, became totally devoted to her new-found medium enjoying the softness and gentleness of watercolor, and over the years has learned how to control the medium. While she spends most of her time painting in watercolor, enjoying Acrylics and Soft Pastels. Recently began painting Acrylics on the 'gallery profile' stretched canvas, usually quite large. Dianne began teaching watercolors over twenty years ago, and still has approximately thirty students attending fall, winter, and spring classes. Much of her work is sold, and resides in private collections.
Her second passion is the computer and admits to be totally addicted to Paint Shop Pro doing many online classes in PSP. This led her to joining groups to play with tutorials, and have fun creating. All of this inspired her into doing online HTML classes and web page design, as she wanted to have her own site and write tutorials. Dianne has found it to be both rewarding and enjoyable, having now her own site, Vision Designs, plus she is the owner of a wonderful group PSP FriendsNMore. It is a small group of folks from all over the world, who just enjoy playing with PSP. Her latest passion is to learn Virtual Painting...Classes begin soon.*S*
Not really big on the craft thing, but she does have a couple of things she enjoys doing...Smocking and making her own soap.
Her belief is ...'If two other hands and a brain have accomplished something, she fails to see why she can't.

Thomas Walker / UK

Thomas Walker works with the world's largest private newspaper archive based on the coast in South West Scotland near Scotland's national book town - Wigotwn in Dumfires and Galloway. This location provides the perfect conditions for storing and preserving archived newspapers as it's incredibly important to avoid atmospheres that are hot, bright and dry!
Thomas has enjoyed watching the archive grow over many years from various sources, such as libraries and private collections from all over the world. The archive continues to grow to this day as current titles are collected and stored so that they too can be referenced and enjoyed by future generations in years to come.
There are now over 7 million newspapers available dating back as far as 1685, with a huge range of titles of genuine originals predominantly from the UK and the US making up the bulk of the archive. Working alongside Thomas there is a dedicated research team who receive inquires ranging from researchers at theater companies to the police conducting criminal investigations.
Something else that Thomas is pleased to help facilitate is providing reproductions of newspapers from milestone historical events, such as World War II or the first moon landing. These are used as learning resource materials for students and are frequently provided to schools, universities, libraries and other accredited further education establishments.

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