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Mangels & Julian Smith /USA

Mangels and her husband Julian are the founders of MangelsDesigns.com. Mangels is a scrapbook artist and photographer and has a passion for anything creative, while Julian is the “brains” behind the site.
Mangels has been working in illustration and photographic arts since 1987. She began doing conventional photography, completing special projects for advertising brochures and educational projects. She discovered digital photography when this technology was just beginning, and she was captivated by graphics editing programs. She started in digital scrapbooking when this hobby was almost unknown and the digital scrapbooking Internet Web sites were practically nonexistent.
Mangels has personally designed the Megakits collections and other fantastic collections, such as the Deluxe Printing Papers and the Back and Frame Kits. She is an expert in serigraphy, and in this collection as well as in many of the Printing Papers, she used a fractal generating program, obtaining truly unique and unconventional results imitating that technique
Mangels and Julian live in Miami, Florida in the USA; however, they frequently travel to South America for Julian's work in the graphics printing industry. They have no children; their jobs, music, art, photography, and digital scrapbooking are their passions.

John Emrick / Canada
John is from Ontario, Canada, and is 30 years old. He has more than 5 years of experience in information technology.
John is an extraordinary restoration artist and specializes in art history as a hobby. He has spent several years studying furniture and decorative styles of the Renaissance Era and has an extensive private collection of more than 5.000 scraps and stamps that have inspired the extraordinary Classical, Golden, and Renaissance collections and the Venetian Digital Photo Frames that he designed for our site.
John works as a digital restoration expert and freelance designer and has won several awards in digital art competitions. Because of his experience in old image restoration, John was given the job of restoring the wonderful collection of Authentic Centennial Victorian Photo Album Pages that was given to us by Beryl Peters from the UK, who is a keen member of the British Ephemera Society.
John is married to a beautiful Canadian girl, Deborah. Although she is a professional nurse, she supports him in all his projects. Deborah accompanied John on two trips to Italy (1999 and 2002) to study Renaissance Art. They have two very active boys, Johnny and Dick, 7 and 10 years old, who are already digital photography experts!

John’s designs:
Authentic Centennial Victorian Photo Albums Restoration
Classical Frames
Golden Frames
Renaissance Frames
Venetian Frames

Feel free to contact John at:

Marcia Sindoni / Italy
Marcia is the proud grandmother of five wonderful grandchildren. She lives in Milan, Italy, and has been scrapbooking for more than 10 years. Her daughter Vanessa, who lives in Michigan, USA, introduced her to this obsession at a Creative Memories meeting during a vacation trip, and she was instantly addicted!
Marcia is experienced in several graphics editing programs. She is self-taught with an extraordinary talent for artistic relief and three-dimensional effects, which she has expertly displayed in the Photo Corners and Artistic Titles collections she designed for this site.
Marcia is very busy assisting her other daughter Veronica with the antique store that she and her husband Aldo own in one of the most popular Milan neighborhoods. In spite of her busy schedule, she wanted to design these collections for the MangelsDesigns members to "internationalize" her talent and share it with scrappers of other countries.
Marcia loves sharing her scrapbooking knowledge while encouraging scrapbookers to discover their own creative styles and layouts.
This hobby has grown quickly in Italy, and Marcia is proud of being one of the pioneers of this art in that country.

Marcia’s designs:
Photo Corners
Artistic Titles

Feel free to contact Marcia at:

Sherri Jones / USA
Sherri is a 37-year-old single mom of an 8-year-old beautiful girl. Her daughter and the thousands of pictures that had accumulated in boxes and old albums were the inspiration to start her scrapbooking journey.
Sherri lives in Illinois, USA, and has always had a passion for anything creative. Her style is simple, with the main focus on the photos and a few elements and ornaments to accent the pages. The Coordinated Sets collection, which she created for MangelsDesigns, without a doubt reflects her simple and charming style. Sherri also designed our Layout Templates Premade Pages, which is one of the most popular collections, loved by our members for their exquisite elegance. Some of these designs have even been used by our members for baptism and wedding cards.
Sherri has been teaching classes at a local scrapbooking store and says that this hobby has truly changed her life, keeping her focused on the little happy moments in life with her daughter Carolyn, who is the main subject of her scrapbooks.
She has been in digital scrapping since 1998 and has been a "scrap-aholic" ever since, using her talents to preserve their lives. Sherri looks forward to sharing and growing with everyone here at MangelsDesigns.com.

Sherri’s designs:
Coordinated Sets
Digital Elements
Lauouts Premade Pages

Feel free to contact Sherri at:


Peggy Thomas / Australia
Since Austin was born, it is impossible to find a picture of Peggy without him in it, so she sent this beautiful picture to share with us the reason for her pride. Peggy lives in Victoria, Australia, and has been addicted to scrapbooking ever since her cousin Maggie introduced her to this hobby. Maggie is a layout expert who has been published in Correspondence ART Magazine and JoAnn's ScrapEssentials Idea Book.
Peggy recently discovered digital scrapbooking and loves to combine digital with traditional scrapbooking and card making. However, Peggy admits that she has a big problem— she cannot live without the golden effects of the Super Blade Pro Plugin! For this reason, Peggy dedicated many hours of her time to design the magnificent collections of Golden Ornaments & Embellishments and the Golden Monograms & Golden Names that you will find in those pages.
Peggy is a stay-at-home mom and has been married to her hubby and best friend, Dickson, for more than 9 years. She waited a long time to have a baby until Dickson finished medical school, and the arrival of Austin changed their lives. Until Austin was born, she worked for a corporate insurance company, but now she stay at home with her baby and loves being there for Austin and Dickson whenever they need her.

Peggy’s designs:
Golden Ornaments
Golden Monograms
Golden Names

Feel free to contact Peggi at:

Liz Tennessen / UK
Liz is a really extraordinary woman who embodies a British lady's attributes. She is very feminine and still maintains a romance with Harry, her husband for 30 years.
Liz lives in the heart of London and says that she could never live any other place, although her four sons and nine grandsons live outside of the UK. This becomes an advantage during the cold London winters, however, as she and Harry now have warmer travel destinations and places to visit.
Liz has dedicated more than 25 years of her life to collecting Victorian Era prints, and she considers herself a lover of all things related to that splendid time in which— she says— she should have been born. Nevertheless, Liz is also very progressive and has attended courses of computer-assisted design (CAD) where she learned PhotoShop fundamentals.
Only a woman with her attributes and dedication could have made the extraordinary collection of Victorian Photo Album Pages that you will find in this site and on which she has used many of the prints that are part of her extensive collection. Liz also has provided the magnificent collection of Outlook Express Stationery for the enjoyment of our members and as free gifts for our visitors

Liz’s designs:
Very Victorian Album
Classic Victorian Album
Embroidery Album

Outlook Express Stationery

Feel free to contact Liz at:

Maria & Lucy Groves / USA
Maria and Lucy are sisters, and they have been with MangelsDesigns.com from the beginning. They have extraordinary artistic talents that are displayed in photography, oil painting, stamping, and ceramics. Maria and Lucy are of Hispanic origin and currently live in Los Angeles, California. These versatile women also have professional careers: Maria is a lawyer and Lucy is a business manager who works in a advertisement agency.
Maria, 32 and Lucy, 30 are happily single, but they would love to meet someone who shares their passion for the arts and their careers. However, since these men haven’t yet made an appearance, Maria and Lucy have had the opportunity to travel looking for new pieces for another hobby: souvenirs.
When Maria learned to use Photoshop, she began to design digital photo frames that were well received by the community of photographers to which she belongs and where she took her first steps into digital photography.
We became acquainted with Maria's frame designs through her personal webpage and we were captivated by her work! Some of her digital photo frames were the first collections acquired for this Web site. Later, Lucy added new designs to Maria’s collections, so the contribution from both of them to this project has been extraordinary.

Maria & Lucy’s designs:
Babies & Kids

Feel free to contact Maria and/or Lucy at:

Jeff Willoughby / Australia
We would have loved to continue displaying new designs from Maria and Lucy, but when we wanted to expand the site with new collections, their schedules were too tight. So we searched for a new photo frame designer, and we had the good fortune to find Jeff.
Although Jeff is one of the youngest members of the design team, he has extraordinary talent. He is only 27 years old and still single (although he wants to clarify that he has a beautiful girlfriend and a 3-year relationship......sorry ladies!). He is a true expert in Corel® PhotoPaint and has been using this editing program since 1996.
Jeff holds a Bachelor's Degree in computer science and currently works as a systems manager at an international company in Sydney. His personal interests include photography and metal engraving. He is also a great sportsman and frequently engages in swimming and soccer.
When we first met Jeff, he was anxious to design a photo frame collection using wood and silver effects, and we believe he has achieved magnificent results in these collections. Although he is now very busy, he has promised us that in his free moments, he will design a new frame collection exclusively for MangelsDesigns subscribed members.

Jeff’s designs:
Double & Triple

Feel free to contact Jeff at:

Kimberly Van Rossum / USA

Kimberly was born, raised, and currently lives in the Great Pacific Northwest state of Washington. She lives with her husband, his son, and one feisty cat.
She enjoys all creative things and has been involved in art for as long as she can remember. She knew she would be an artist at a young age. As a child, Kimberly used to fall asleep coloring in her coloring books. Outside of art classes in high school, she has been mostly self-taught.
Kimberly has painted in oils, watercolors, and acrylics, although her favorite is watercolors. She has painted on almost anything you can think of: clothes, mirrors, tiles and sinks, murals, furniture, lamps, glassware, and is always looking for more objects to paint. She has designed for several rubber stamp companies, some of them exclusively. She also has worked as an interior designer. She currently designs and creates bead jewelry and is relatively new to scrapbooking.
Kimberly has given us some very pretty designs to share with you that she has painted with her beloved watercolors, and she hopes that her designs will bring as much joy to you as she had when she designed them.

Kimberly’s designs:
Water-Colour Kits

Feel free to contact Kimberly at:

Irene Weighell / UK

Irene is lucky enough to live in the North York Moors National Park, in the northeast corner of the UK surrounded by nature in all its glory. She is married and has a daughter and two grandchildren.
Irene has been interested in design since she can remember and in later years taught art and china decoration at adult education classes in the villages around the area and at two local schools. She has many and varied interests and began computer studies some years ago to distract her mind from a cancer diagnosis, which is thankfully gone now. It wasn’t long before she realized that spreadsheets and databases were not for her, and what she enjoyed most was desktop publishing and the many interesting designs she could create using the graphics programs.
Irene also finds great satisfaction restoring old sepia photos and has repaired an extensive collection of damaged family photos for a local lady, as well as smaller commissions for other people. For some years, she designed and published her village Parish Magazine as well as leaflets and posters for village events and local charities.
She believes her interest in Celtic knotwork stems from her Welsh ancestry. Irene is fairly new to scrapbooking but has always designed her own cards (which can be hard work at Christmas!), and thus has a large collection of design elements. In fact all her hobbies take up a complete room in her home!

Irene’s designs:
Celtic Collection

Feel free to contact Irene at:

Jennifer Woodard / USA

Jennifer is just 23 and clear proof that young people are also interested in digital scrapbooking.
We were searching for a patriotic motif designer, and Jennifer sent us samples of her creations. Immediately we realized that she was the person we were looking for.
Jennifer lives with her parents and younger brothers in the heart of the Big Apple, and her interest for patriotic themes was born from her close experience on 9/11. Although she was a teen, realizing that this devastating event hit so close to home deeply affected her, and ever since, her artistic talent has been inspired by patriotic themes.
Surfing the Internet, she discovered digital scrapbooking and started to make an album with 9/11 pictures from news and magazines incorporating patriotic motifs. Many of these original designs are those she now shares with the MangelsDesigns´ members.
Jennifer would love to go to a university to study advertising or marketing or anything related to graphic design. She loves Ken, her dog, and says that he is her best partner. She also believes that Christmas in the "city that never sleeps" is the best in the whole world for her, and the best time to share with family and friends.

Jennifer’s designs:
The Patriotic Corner
Halloween collection

Feel free to contact Jennifer at:

Olga Primenta / Greece

Olga is from Athens, Greece and is 33 years old. Olga is married to Greg and is the owner of a beautiful dog, a true source of inspiration for quite a few of her creations.
Olga has been in the graphic design industry for more than 15 years, working as a designer with overflowing creativity. Two years ago she moved out of the city and is now living in a small seaside village, working as a freelance graphic designer. Scrapbooking has always been a hidden passion, and life away from the big city lights has provided her with the much-needed time to experiment with it. She has an excellent eye for design and a great passion for visual arts. Olga loves drawing, scrapbooking, knitting, and handicrafts.
Olga started designing the Pets Collection as an enthusiastic fan of animals, and she eagerly jumped at the chance to share it with the MangelsDesigns fans. She believes that having more time for ourselves makes us into better and more complete individuals as we explore our creativity, making small masterpieces out of nothing and sharing them with those close to us.
Olga is also a member of a small theatre troupe.

Olga’s designs:

Feel free to contact Olga at:

Manfred & Inga Gerlach / Germany

Manfred and Inga are from Berlin, DE. Married 32 years, they share many hobbies — including digital scrapbooking. Their enthusiasm for scrapbooking was ignited when they discovered a “treasure” hidden in old shoe boxes: hundreds of pictures of relatives, including ancestors they didn’t know or remember. They began investigating their family tree to learn more about the people in those faded and forgotten images.
Free from work obligations and with grown kids living far from Berlin, they began traveling around Germany to visit the small home towns of their ancestors. Unfortunately, Manfred fell ill, and they had to return home. Still undaunted, however, they were committed to the idea of creating something special with those old photos.
The first step was to restore the deteriorated photographs and arrange them inside albums. As Manfred also loves computing, he learned to use PhotoShop to digitally restore the photos. Inga spent long hours decorating the albums with old stamps and postcards.
Then one day while surfing the Web, Manfred and Inga discovered the MangelsDesigns Victorian Pre-Made Pages and instantly fell in love with digital scrapbooking.
Now they create their own designs, and as a tribute to the inspiration of those Victorian motifs, they crafted this gorgeous Heritage Kit Collection to share with all the MangelsDesigns Members.

Manfred & Inga's Designs:
Heritage Collection


Feel free to contact Manfred & Inga at:

Susan Gabriel / USA

Writer/editor and digital designer, Susan and her sweetheart of 22 years live in Texas with two small dogs and two parrots. As a mother of two children and grandmother of three, Susan has a wealth of photo material for her interest in scrapbooking. It was this interest that led her to MangelsDesigns.
Susan has 30+ years of experience as a writer/editor, and her expertise has been put to good use at MangelsDesigns where she recently assisted in a rewrite of the site's text. Amazingly enough, she says she enjoyed every minute of it! Susan has always been an avid reader and even as a child, would sometimes get distracted mid-sentence while reading a book when a better way to phrase the sentence would pop into her head.
Susan has edited technical manuals, books, newspapers, and magazines and is a proposal writer in high demand— her proposals have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in new business for her employers over the past 20 years.
With a long-standing interest in art and design, Susan always had the desire to express her creativity in a unique way. When she discovered digital design, she quickly realized that this versatile medium was perfectly suited to her talents and abilities. To improve her skills in PhotoShop, Susan took courses at a local college and now applies her knowledge at her current job where she designs covers for the technical proposals she writes. In her spare time, Susan experiments with new scrapbook designs.
Susan's premier collection, Wish You Were Here, is a set of pre-made double page layout designs exclusive to MangelsDesigns and is perfect for framing your vacation photos or good times at home. A recent trip to France and Great Britain inspired Susan to create this collection and provided us a photo of Susan in Paris that we could include with her bio.
Her new Web site, www.SueAngelDesigns.com, will soon be offering other original scrapbook designs by Susan. As a final note, anyone who wishes to make use of her editing skills is invited to contact her.

Susan's Designs:
Wish You Were Here


Feel free to contact Susan at:

Jen Brown/ USA

Believe it or not Jen started learning Photoshop in early January of this year (2007)! With alot of sleepless days and nights from just having her baby girl in January, in six months she has learned so much.
Jen is married, and has 3 beautiful daughters. She is a stay at home mom, and feels so lucky to be able to do so.
Jen and her family live in a small town in Illinois, and her husband is a farmer. She fell in love with digital scrapbooking when she figured out that the paper thing was just to hard to do with three small children. Jen never thought she could design her own work until she had a special teacher "Shari" who helped her make it possible to learn Photoshop. From then on, she designed a lot of special pictures of her children. Doing so, she thought she would start her own business making special pictures, Greeting cards, invitations and announcments for people. Please take a look at her webpage, www.myspace.com/greetingsforyou. You will find a few of her designs there.
Jen was inspired by making the graduation collection for MangelsDesigns when her mother graduated this year from nursing.

Jen's Designs:
Graduation Collection


Feel free to contact Jen at:

Rachel Turner / Australia

Rachel lives in Sydney, AU, her native born country. She was traveling to many places in the world when young due her father is diplomatic. She says that her life outside her lovely Australia has both sides, negative and positive. The negative one was to often changing schools and friends; the good side was that she closely learned about different country cultures helping her to grow as a person and to get hocked with the diversity of human races, beliefs, religions, etc., transmitting all these experiences to her kids. Rachel has lived at Brazil, Spain, Indonesia and Japan, and all these ethnic and cultural diversity has marked her for ever.
Living definitively in her native Australia she keeps in contact with people of other countries through Internet. Rachel confess “Internet Life Style” addiction, all her activities now spin around the cyber world.
Rachel is married to Lee and they have two kids (10, 12). She started conventional scrapbooking some years ago. Since she was a child she used to add post cards, paper souvenirs, etc. to the photo album layouts of the visited countries. Now she knows that what she did is the way to make scrapbooking. She is actually engaged with the digital scrapbooking and there is no doubt that her taste for the multicultural and the ethnical are full reflected in her design style.
Being in contact with MangelsDesigns since this site made its early attempts to become what it is today, Rachel ever wanted to have her own designs collection here but her job activities (she formally work as a real state promoter) and wife/mom home work lefts her few free time. However, she never rejected her project to do an ethnic theme collection (Mangels asked her often too!!!), and although she has made just four nice kits (African, Mexican, Spanish and Far East) she also has promised to increase the quantity of kits soon.

Rachel's Designs:
Ethnic Theme Collection


Feel free to contact Rachel at: scrapbookingfreebies4u(at)gmail.com

Yvonne Less /Australia

Yvonne grew up in Berlin/Germany, 46 years old and grandmother of one. Nearly 30 years she has gained experiences as CAD-drafter in engineering companies as well as graphic designer in the print industry.
Quality and perfection are very important to Yvonne and her sense for creativity and special creations outside the box are helping her to find new challenges. Using her Mac she is an expert in Photoshop as well as in photography. She likes to be in the nature encircled by plants; so it is no wonder that flowers and landscapes are her special motives.
In the last 15 years Yvonne was traveling to many places in the world. At her first journey to Australia she met her husband Jörg 6 years ago. Complying with her heart she leaved Germany and went to Sydney. Jörg is 4D-database specialist for more than 16 years and is supporting his wife at any time.
Yvonne felt in love with scrapbooking when she was looking for new ideas on the Internet. Now, she is creating little arts by using her taken shots of flowers and landscapes and invites you to share her passion with the wonderful "Creative Diversity" and "Nature Medley" Pre-made Pages Collections.

Yvonne's Designs:
Creative Diversity
Nature Medley

Feel free to contact Yvonne at:


Violet Burgess / Canada

Violet is a graphic designer who resides in British Columbia, Canada, with her husband and two children. She started manufacturing paper for the scrapbook industry 10 years ago. With a love for antiques and folk art Violet's design emphasis was on heritage papers. Her papers and scrapbook pages have been published in many magazines such as Creating Keepsakes and Memory Makers as well as being featured on the DIY network. Recently she has begun to incorporate her designs for digital scrapbooking.
Violet has designed to MangelsDesigns the beautiful Violet Megakits Collection where she has reflected her very particular style. She wants that all members enjoy her kits as much as she enjoyed designing them!

Violet's Designs:
Violet Collection

Feel free to contact Violet at:

Suzi Wollman / USA

Suzi is a mom and grandmom, with a background so interesting that she never runs out of stories to tell and pictures to scrap. She now lives with her husband and two little dogs in Lewisville, TX.
Suzi spent seven years living in the former Soviet Union, where due to the scarcity of tangible materials, she began scrapbooking online. She has also visited Finland, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, and the Czech Republic, not to mention the number of places she has wandered virtually. She has reflected this wonderful experience in the beautiful Passport Collection with very different, exotic and sophisticated kits with countries topics that she has designed exclusively for the MangelsDesigns members.
She enjoys designing digitally, and adds that skill to her repertoire of other craft abilities. Suzi and her husband homeschooled all five of their children through high school, and taught English, problem solving, and character to orphans and college students, as well as being involved in Women's Ministry at her church. For over 20 years, she and her husband were principles in an advertising agency. Suzi loves kids, animals, and anything crafty.

Suzi's Designs:
Passport Collection

Feel free to contact Suzi at:

Diana Brady / USA

Although Diana is somewhat new to the scene of Digital Scrapbooking, her ambition and passion is sure to leave her mark in this unique industry.
Diana was born and raised in Texas and married a wonderful man 7 years ago. Along with her husband she has two boys ages 7 and 4. Being a military wife and mother and having to meet the challenges that this demanding lifestyle offers, has given Diana the strength to overcome many obstacles. The digital Scrapbooking world is no different.
Diana being totally self-taught in Photoshop she has already mastered some techniques that have made her designs unique. Her design talents reach farther beyond the digital Scrapbooking world, as she is also a webpage designer. Her passion for this digital art form has her constantly trying new avenues of design.
Diana's skill as a cake decorator and a tax professional have made her acutely aware of how important the smallest of details are and this detail also shows in her work.
In addition to attending to the demands of her family and her work, she enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and introducing them to the Digital world that she calls her "second home". For this reason, she has wanted to share with the MangelsDesigns members her designs with a beautiful collection of awesome kits that will like to everybody.

Diana's Designs:
Diana Collection

Feel free to contact Diana at:

Kelly Anne Tearney / USA

Kelly Anne is a retired radio disc jockey from California, who now enjoys the peaceful beauty that surrounds her home on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound. She has two grown children and four grandchildren and would like to have a part in leaving them a better world in which to live. A peaceful world.
She is committed to speaking out for Peace and she does it through her art. She believes that if a picture says a thousand words, there is no better subject than Peace. She often explains that her art isn't about her, it's about all of us. If "self-taught" Kelly Anne can create something that inspires thoughts of Peace, then she is honored to be a part of that.
She joined Mangels Designs about four years ago because she was impressed with the quality and variety she found on the site. She had wondered over the years, if her art might be used here, but had never contacted the designers. When Kelly Anne read that Mangels Designs was looking for graphic designers, she decided to send them a few of her designs. She is now excited to be a part of the design team and has many Peace related ideas for her graphics, to share with the members here.
Kelly Anne has always been musically inclined and still enjoys playing her piano and guitar... when she isn't busy trying to keep up with her many websites. Her passion though, is Peace Art and she does her best to Keep Peace Visible.

Kelly Anne's Designs:


Feel free to contact Kelly Anne at:
peacebypeacedesigns(at) whidbey.com

Diana Wilkes / USA

Diana joins our team of designers from the Lake Michigan area in the United States. She lives in a "wee, tiny cottage on a lake," harking back to her irish, english, and german ancestry. 
Diana is a retired prosecutor from Phoenix, Arizona.  initially, she was a legal secretary and legal assistant before returning to college to complete her degrees in accounting and law.  After retiring, she moved to the great lakes region to be near her three children and their families.  Not only does she have a wonderful human family, but she also counts her fur people and grandanimals as family.
Diana's main hobby is photography and includes photographing landscapes, people, and anything that piques her interest; collecting digital versions of family photos; restoring digital photographs; and scrapbooking.  Her overall goal is to preserve family history for future generations.  She is not above begging to get a good scan of a heritage photo to restore and post for sharing.  as with her personal scrapbook pages, she loves making her photograph collection available to others.  She has been involved in genealogy and related photographs with her brother and scrapbooking with her sisters and grandchildren for some time, although she is a relative newcomer to the digital scrapbooking format.  Both of her sisters are scrapbook consultants; in addition, nieces and nephews also scrapbook.  She credits her family with providing unlimited inspiration for various projects.
Diana's "Just Fun" collection is just that--it is all that is fun about scrapbooking:  the creativity, the variety of materials and themes, and the unlimited selection of photos to scrap.  The best thing is that if the perfect photo for a layout is lacking, one can go take the perfect photo for the layout.  If the perfect layout is lacking, just customize an existing layout or be creative and invent one.  The "Just Fun" collection also represents all that is fun about life--both special occasions and everyday moments that seem ordinary now but in the future will be so special.

Diana's Designs:
"Just Fun "


Feel free to contact Diana at:

Susan Mac Gregor / USA

Susan Mac Gregor attended College of the Canyons in 2000-2001 to learn website design, and the skills of learning the elements of designing. She did not go into website design, at that time it was a bad timing during 911 era. She designs with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Live Brush, Art Rage Pro drawing program.
Susan always wanted to be an artist since she was a little girl, looking for a way to get back to designing, she became self taught learning Digital Scrapbooking. She took a year to learn how to do the digital elements. She has a love for old images and has been selling vintage paper, for over ten years online at Whimzy Treasures Vintage Paper website. The vintage images provide the inspiration for her "Somewhere In Time Woman's Collection".
Susan found the love of her live almost five years now married for four years with her five cat three birds and one dog. Phil her husband has changed her lifestyle and has allowed her the time to pursue digital designing. Recently retired and enjoying life!
Susan recently acquired a Digital Scrapbooking store, Digi Style Designs, which keeps her very busy!

Susan's Designs:
"Somewhere in Time Woman"


Feel free to contact Susan at:

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