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300 dpi
3.600 x 3.600 pixels
12 x 12 inches
Backs: JPG Format
Frames: PNG format

These background and frame designs are absolutely exclusive and unpublished fractals. It is impossible to generate two identical designs because they are created digitally using a random combination of designs and colors that cannot be repeated. The clarity and shine of these colors are so spectacular that the backs and frames seem to have been printed on silk. You won't find anything like this at any other scrapbooking site on the entire Web.
We are sure you will love them!

This collection has been designed by Mangels Smith.
Read all about this designer and this collection clicking here

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Kit 1 - 6 pieces

Kit 2 - 6 pieces

Kit 3 - 6 pieces

Kit 4 - 6 pieces

Kit 5 - 6 pieces

Kit 6 - 6 pieces

Kit 7 - 6 pieces

Kit 8 - 6 pieces

Kit 9 - 6 pieces

Kit 10 - 6 pieces

Kit 11 - 6 pieces

Kit 12 - 6 pieces

Kit 13 - 6 pieces

Kit 14 - 6 pieces

Kit 15 - 6 pieces

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