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Change / Add Computer

I need to know how to change the computer I used when I registered, or I wish to use more than one computer to access the site.
For your security as well as ours, the address of your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol, your computer’s unique worldwide identification code) was recorded when you registered, and it was assigned to your account. It is part of your Membership and Login data and is tracked every time you log in to our site.

Membership is for your personal use only. When you paid for your Membership, you agreed to our Terms of Use (please read them) as shown during the registration process. Consequently, please don’t share your data. Any login attempt from another computer that is detected by our system could result in Membership suspension.

If you need to change from the computer you originally used for registration to another computer, before you log in to our site, you must send us the IP of the new computer you wish to have assigned to your account so we can change it in the system.


To request a change of a computer to be used to log in our site, first of all you must know its IP number.
1) From the same computer you want to learn its IP (this means using the new one you want to start using), click here:
Knowing this computer IP

2) Copy from the opened screen the IP number, go back to our page and open your email program clicking here:
Emailing an IP change request (our email: mangelsdesigns@gmail.com)

3) Paste the new IP address on the email body and write down the e-mail address you currently use for login (please double check both to be sure they’re accurate).

4) Send us the email

Usually within the next 24 hours, your IP will be changed and confirmed to you in return. Please wait for our e-mail confirmation before starting to log in using the new computer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the IP of your new computer is assigned to your account, you will no longer be able to log in with the older computer.

What if I want to have more than just one computer to log in to this site?
For security reasons and to protect your account, our system allows just one computer IP assigned to each Membership. If you wish to have access to our site from another computer, you must follow the standard registration process and get a second Membership, using a different email address and PAYING AGAIN for the Membership fee on each computer you want to use for access.

Click HERE to register for a new Membership to add an additional computer.

Do not share your Membership data (login address and password). Any login attempt from another computer’s IP address (different from the one and only one assigned to your account) using your Membership data that is detected by our system could result in Membership suspension.

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