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We searched our FAQs, and here are the results that may answer your question:

What does a “Lifetime Membership" mean?
Lifetime Membership means that you need only make one payment, and your Membership never expires. You will have limitless downloading access to all our current images and to all future images. We add images on a regular basis.

How many times can I download images?
There is no limit of time or quantity. You may download all the images that you want, whenever you want, without any limitation.

Do I have access to all the images with only one payment/subscription?
Yes, you have access to all the images of all categories with only one payment that is handled through the Membership registration process.

When do I have to renew my Membership?
You never have to renew your Membership. Your Membership never expires.

How much does a Membership cost?
The lifetime Membership fee is only $19.95 USD. This is the only payment you make.

Will my Membership allow me to download images that you add in the future?
Yes, your Membership is for life, and you will have access to all current images in the site as well as all images we will add in the future.

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