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We searched our FAQs, and here are the results that may answer your question:

I have a question about images resolution and size. Specifically I want to know all about the Photo Frames resolution and size.

You can learn about resolution and size of all our images here.

As you may appreciate, our Scrapbooking Collections, Designs and Premade Pages are at very high resolution, 300 dpi and in some cases up to 450 dpi.

However, some collections as the Photo Frames and the Elegant Template Layouts Collection are 96 dpi, .PNG file format. These were our earlier collections and in that time the resolutions were not high. The PCs capabilities, printers and the first digital photo cameras didn't allow handle high resolutions.

Nevertheless our "old" Photo Frames and Scrapbooking Elegant Layouts Templates have great acceptance between the scrappers, digital  photographers and crafters communities yet, so we have decided keep them at the site. Most of them (as the Renaissance Special Collection) have enough quality to be resized to 300 dpi. without an appreciable loose of quality (test the resized Free Frames). We suggest you to make tests with the resize tools provided by your graphics editing program in order to achieve good results.

These Photo Frames and Layouts Templates have been used to achieve excellent scrapbooking jobs. Just take a look to the galleries where our members have uploaded their nice and very professional layouts using those images resized to 300 dpi: http://www.mangelsdesigns.com/frames/yourgallery.htm

Finally, in our site you will find hundred of frames with very high resolutions (up to 450 dpi.) in very diverse topics. Please, browse categories such as the Megakits, Heritage Collection, WaterColour Kits, Sets, Back & Frame kits, Celtic Collection, Ethnic, Pets, Graduation, Passport Collection, Violet Collection, Diana Collection and so on.... all of they have beautiful frames incorporated  to the designs. 

Regarding Premade Pages and Layouts Templates at very high resolution (300 dpi), we have hundred of them in the Creative Diversity Collection, Nature Medley Collection, Wish You Were Here Collection, Victorian Centennial Photo Albums, Designs With Artistic Paints, and much more....

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