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We can offer you the best  targeted advertising in the Scrapbooking industry and related market including: scrapbooking, stamping, crafts, hobbies, photography, graphic and digital design, arts, Victorian, genealogy, family, kids, home and gifts at the most affordable fee!!

Why should I advertise my Web site here?

MANGELS DESIGNS, Digital Scrapbooking Art is pioneering in the digital scrapbooking industry. With nearly 13 years in the network and more than 20,000 subscribed Members around the world, our site is one of the most popular scrapbooking destinations online, which translates to a highly targeted passionate scrapbooking audience.

MangelsDesigns has achieved a TOP 20 position on page 1 in Google, Yahoo, Msn and many other major search engines for the majority of the scrapbooking related strongest keywords, such as: “Scrapbooking Megakits”, “Scrapbooking Frames", "Victorian Scrapbooking" and "Digital Scrapbooking".

As a result, our site receives 700 daily unique visitors, over 20,000 unique visitors every month! which gives us an excellent ranking on all well-known Internet scrapbooking-related Top Sites listings.

Our site has an excellent Google Position Ranking (PR3). We give you the possibility of having your site link on a related Website with a high PR and according to Google this is the only way to elevate your PR to its maximum level and obtain a better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site.

All the above means that MangelsDesigns has a far-reaching captive market of extraordinary potential to advertise your related website or online store. And best of all, we can give you a plan that fits your advertising budget!

The advertising program that we offer includes the following benefits:

Your advertising Jumbo 728 x 90 pixels banner (it can be animated), Web site title, and description will be placed on three of the MangelsDesigns website most visited pages. These are:

1) On the Sponsored Links page:

Sponsors: http://www.mangelsdesigns.com/links/sponsors.htm

On this page your link is just one click away from our Homepage, as well as one click from every page on our site. The link button to reach the Sponsored Links page is in a prominent location at the top of each page and is highlighted to catch the attention of visitors.

2) And at the top of the Directory listing on TWO categories that you select:


















Advertise your website or e-shop with the impact of Jumbo
728 x 90 pixels banners

Here some samples:

In what order will my banner be placed?

The ads are placed in the order in which they're received (first come, first served), so those who choose to advertise with us early will get the best position. If, during your ad publishing period, a banner above you expires, your banner will ascend to a higher position.

Despite all the various avenues of Internet marketing (social networks, bookmarking, links exchange programs, paid banners, pay-per-click ads, etc.), TARGETED EMAIL MARKETING still remains the #1 method to reach new customers, it's the fastest media to generate new business avenues & push the sale.

We offer you the opportunity to send a direct e-mail to every one of our thousands of subscribed members announcing your website as our Sponsor and inviting them to visit it. As one of the most popular digital scrapbooking websites since 2003, MangelsDesigns can help you to reach a highly targeted passionate scrapbooking audience. This market segment is suitable for other related products or services, such as stamping, crafts, cards, photography, printing services, graphic and digital design, arts, Victorian, genealogy, family, kids, home and gifts.

This promotional blast e-mail will be in an very attractive HTML format including your site title, description, and banner linked to your site URL. It may also contain links to internal pages of your site, thumbnails of the products that you offer, additional text, discount coupons , special offers, and all you want to captivate the attention of the recipients. Your imagination, your creativity and marketing strategies will define the content of the email to be sent to our members!

There is no other website in the world offering a Scrapbooking Targeted Email Marketing Service like this: Your promotional blast e-mail is not a listing of sites to be mailed to our members, your website will be promoted in an e-mail exclusively for you. See previews of some awesome e-mails that we already have sent to our members with excellent results (please, read testimonials of our Sponsors below).

Yes, you can also send an awesome email like these to 20,000 people
(targeted market segment)

promoting your own website or e-shop!
(Click on thumbnail to see the full email)

This direct promotion of your website is sent to people who have specific interest on these areas:

  • Scrapbooking (digital & conventional)
  • Stamping (Rubber Stamps, Inks, Adhesives, Die cuts, etc.)
  • Crafts
  • Arts
  • Graphics
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Photo Restoration
  • Printing

Also, as we have a comprehensive Victorian designs, Family Trees (Genealogy) and Shabby Chic Collections, a lot of our members are fans of everything about these specific topics and they are a potential targeted market to advertise your related website or e-Shop.

Here is the demographic profile and distribution by country of our members:

As you can see, it's a targeted market suitable to promote all kinds of family, kids, gifts & home products. We're certain that you'll receive hundreds of visits, and your ad investment will be recovered many times over with just one direct promotional blast e-mail.

Where do your email addresses come from?
Can you guarantee me that I will not be spamming?

Yes, absolutely. Emails we send are 100% Permission-Based Emails. As part of the membership, people who subscribe to our website agree to receive emails promoting our sponsors. You can read the explicit Antispam Policy offered to and accepted by our members during the registration process which states that receiving emails announcing our sponsors is associated with membership.

We have a comprehensive database of people who have subscribed to our website because we offer our members a Lifetime Membership at a very low price to download all our present and future digital scrapbooking collections. As we have many years on the network with the same policy thousands of people have signed up since then to gain access to our constantly growing designs collections.

Our members are required to update their email addresses in order to retain access to our website. This way, we 100% guarantee that the blast emails are sent to real people who have agreed to receive them. Moreover, as we only accept to promote quality websites whose content is of significant interest and relevance to our members, they are eager to meet our sponsors.

Now our advertising program brings new advantages and benefices at the same price!

We have increased even more the amount of exposure that we give to your webpage or e-shop among our members and visitors. Now we can ensure that our advertising program is superior to any other that you can find in the scrapbooking & stamping industry and related market.

We have opened a new section to display the last six (6) blast emails sent in order to have them always available to our members and visitors. Thus, plus the excellent immediate effect when your blast email is sent, the products, services, offers and promotions that you have announced will be exhibited for a long time at this section:

The best of all is that our members and visitors will find the link to access that section at our index main page http://www.mangelsdesigns.com/frames/index.htm and at each and every one of the pages where our designs and image collections are shown, so more than 55 links on our website will point to your email blast with this text:

Take advantage of the special offers and promotions that our Sponsors have for our members and visitors. Please, click here

This link is SEO Friendly; this means that your blast email will be crawled and it will help to increase your site position in search engines.

As we send up only one (1) blast email weekly or biweekly, your blast email will be displayed at that section for an estimated period of two (2) months.

How does it work? The last blast email sent will appear at the top of the listing and it will be automatically moved to the lower positions when the following emails are sent. When the 7th. position is reached, it will disappear from the list. We estimate that this happens in an approximate period of two (2) months, however, it may happen that your email reaches the 7th. position in a higher or lesser period, depending on the number of blast emails sent. Accordingly, the two (2) months period is only an estimated.

What is the cost?

Get start today and send your exclusive, stand-alone message to  thousands of TARGETED customers. Choose your campaign today and start seeing results and profits for your website!

You will be amazed to know all the advertising benefices you will receive for the same price you would pay for a simple little banner elsewhere.

We have the most affordable fee on the market:

Your whole advertisement (jumbo 728 x 90 banner, site title, and description) at three locations above described for one (1) year
Plus one (1) direct promotional e-mail announcing you as a new Sponsor sent to our extensive list of members.

Plus your blast email available to our members and visitors for an estimated period of two months.

All for just $215.95 USD

To begin receiving the benefits of advertising on our site, please click on the Paypal button below:

Very Important: Before purchasing the Standard Sponsor Program, please read to the end of this page to be sure you've read and analyzed the advantages of our Sponsor Pro Package which will give you additional benefits and a significant discount.
Standard Sponsor Program: Important added value

The Standard Sponsor Program ($215.95 USD per year) includes one (1) blast e-mail to our members. But now you have the option of sending a maximum of four (4) blast e-mails more for an extra of just $85.00 USD each one!


1. Additional  e-mails must be sent anytime within the one (1) year period of your Sponsorship campaign, with a minimum interval of two (2) months;
2 .You choose the tentative distribution schedule but you have to notify us with at least two weeks in advance when you want to send your next email blast. E-mails are sent after 20:00 hours, US East Time.
3. If the campaign expiration date is close, you must take the prevision to request the last email blast with enough time. We send a reminder 72 hours before the end of the campaign. Under no circumstances we will send blast emails required within that short period.
4. The payment shall be made when the email blast is required;
5. You decide how many blast e-mails you wish to send, there is no obligation on your part;
6. You can modify the text, images or links in each email;
7. You have to purchase the Standard Sponsor Program ($215.95 USD per year) in order to send additional blast e-mails.

To purchase additional Blast E-mails, please click here

If I buy once the four (4) additional blast e-mails will I receive a discount?

Yes, of course, you can buy the Sponsor Pro Package which includes all benefits of the Standard Sponsor Program plus four (4) additional blast e-mails. In this case, you will receive a substantial discount.
Please click here for details and payment.

And there is more....
You have nothing to do. We will do everything for you completely FREE!

If you do not have a banner, after your payment our designers will create a professional jumbo 728 x 90 banner for FREE to be used exclusively on the MangelsDesign.com site.

Also our webmasters will design your promotional E-mail (see samples above) for FREE !

Yes, you approve the email blast final design before sending!
(If you request the FREE design services, email blast design is subject to approval and you can ask for changes before sending. The banner is not subject to approval and will be uploaded once designed by our artists)

Important: Your banner will be placed in a short time, usually less than 24 hours after receiving your payment (If we have to design the banner we will need a longer period). In all cases, the Sponsorship campaign period will begin when the banners are uploaded. The blast e-mail to all our Members inviting them to visit your site as our new Sponsor usually is sent within the next 15 days. We will notify you of the tentative distribution date for your first blast email.

What do our Sponsors say about this Advertising Program?

The last blast email sent generated a 10% increase in the subscribers to the Scrapbook Campus, and that happened in the first 48 hours only! As i check in my statistics, i have also seen new visitors all year long come to my site from my banners inserted at MangelsDesigns links pages. Since many Paintshop Pro users are not scrapbookers, MangelsDesigns also  directed other PSP users to the Campus , including card makers, photographers and other graphic artists.  Definitely advertise with MangelsDesigns has been the best decision to make my website known in this market !
The Scrapbook Campus

I have worked with your Sponsorship Program for one year and I always have had a reliable partner for any advertising purposes.
The blast emails you send out are usually a huge success. The best of all is that I can send them whenever I want and link where I prefer. That is why I use your blast emails when I want to announce special promotions on my website such as special offers and new collabs kits.

I think it's a good return on advertising investment!

Monja Wessel
Digi Design Resort

I signed up for your Sponsor Pro Package a little over 9 months ago and have had huge success. The amount of advertising I receive for such a low cost is unbeatable especially in this industry. I will continue to advertise through your Sponsorhip Program for as long as I have my business, and I plan on that being a very long time!
Michelle Stelling
The National Association of Digital Scrapbooker

Just a quick note to let you know that we have had a great response from our recent sponsorship and advertisement with Mangels Design. You and your team were fantastic in helping us launch our first email blast. The loyal members of Mangels Designs have been very supportive of The Scrapbook Awards and we look forward seeing some more entries.
Erika Martinez
Scrapbook Awards
MangelsDesigns has been great to work with and very professional. The sponsorship program is a great value, especially since they handle all the details of the email blasts.
Colin Adams
Scrapbook MAX! Digital Scrapbooking Software


The Sponsorship program has driven a lot of NEW traffic to our site. MangelsDesigns is very professional to work with and they alway deliver on their commitments in a timely and friendly manner. We're fans!
Jerry Halls
The iScrapbook Digital Scrapbooking Store.

Advertising is one of the most important investments a business can make.  Yet, in our industry, effective and reliable advertising can be hard to find.  Luckily, it couldn't be more effective -or easy- to advertise with Mangels.  We've had great success with our campaigns!  And Mangels is a treat to work with.  Fast, responsive, very professional, and very knowledgeable.  Knows our audience and exactly how to reach them.  A++ in every way!  Thank you, Mangels, for such excellent service and, even more importantly, for delivering excellent results. This is one advertising expense I wouldn't dream of parting with.  It's worth every penny!  :)
Toni's Scraparoni
We have been a sponsor at Mangels for several years.  I am always amazed at how much advertising is offered at such a low price!  This year we plan to use the extra blast emails from our Sponsor Pro Package to offer special promotions and discounts.  This is a fabulous opportunity to get many advertising benefits all in one place, and Mangels makes it all so easy!
Nancy Guenther
Roses And Teacups

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