The Sponsor Pro Package includes all the benefits of our Standard Sponsor Program:

  • Three jumbo 728 x 90 pixels advertising banner: Banner, Web site title, and description on the Sponsored Links page and at the top of the Directory listing on TWO categories that you select for one (1) year.
  • One (1) blast e-mail to our +20.000 suscribed members usually sent within the next 15 days.
  • Your blast email available to our members and visitors for an estimated period of two months.

Plus a very important benefit:

  • Four (4) additional blast e-mails to be sent within the year of your advertising campaign with a minimum interval of two (2) months, according to your schedule. You can modify the text, images or links in each e-mail.

As the last six (6) blast emails sent are displayed at our website for an estimated period of two (2) months, the Sponsor Pro Package program will bring you the possibility to have your emails exposed to our members and visitors almost all year round!

All for just $455.95 USD !!! (You save $ 100.00 !! )

The best  targeted advertising in the Scrapbooking industry and related market
(scrapbooking, stamping, crafts, hobbies, photography, graphic and digital design, arts, Victorian, genealogy, family, kids, home, gifts)
at the most affordable fee!!

To begin receiving immediately the benefits of the Sponsors Pro Package, please click on the Paypal button:

- The five (5) blast emails should be sent within the one (1) year duration of the Sponsorship Campaign.
- The emails must be sent out with a minimum interval of two (2) months. E-mails are sent after 20:00 hours, US East Time.
- The first blast email will be sent usually within the next 15 days after the payment or the receipt of the necessary artwork and/or information.
- Customer is solely responsible for schedule the four (4) additional blast emails and must notify us with at least two weeks in advance when he/she wants to send the next email with the necessary artwork and/or instructions.
- If the campaign expiration date is close, customer must take the prevision to request the last email blast with enough time. We send a reminder 72 to 24 hours before the end of the campaign. Under no circumstances we will send blast emails required within that short period.
- Emails that are not sent during the one (1) year-long campaign period because the customer failed to request them, cannot be applied to future campaigns neither there will be a refund for that concept.

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