According to our experience, 99% of login problems are because a member does not log in with the email address and/or password used for registration or has more than one email address registered in our database and he/she is not logging in with the email associated with his/her active account.

It is the responsibility of all users the control over the information that they have registered in our database. We cannot do database searches to inform our members about their own data. Consequently, We will not answer any emails about login problems when it is evident that the user is not using the correct data (email address and/or password).

Please, read the information below very carefully to know what may be your log in problem and how to fix it.

  • If you have more than one email address, please, be absolutely sure, when logging in, you use the same email address you used when registering with our site. If you cannot remember the email address used at the time you registered, and try to log in with a different address, you will receive an error message because the email address you are trying to use is not registered in our database, and therefore, is not recognized by our system. .
  • For some reason that we do not understand, 30% of our members have registered more than one email address in our database. Remember that only one (1) email address belongs to your ACTIVE account. If you have more than one email address recorded in our database and log in with a different email address than the one associated with your ACTIVE account, the system will recognize you but it will not allow you enter to your private area and/or download files.
  • If you're a member who has paid your membership fee and you are welcomed after you have logged in ( "Welcome back .....") but the system does not let you enter to your private area and/or download files (shows the message "Only for subscribed members .... ") it is because you've registered more than one email address in our database and you have logged in with your INACTIVE account. If this is the case, please be certain you are logging in with the email address associated with your ACTIVE account in order to download files from the member's area.
  • To avoid confusion, please remove from our database any extra email addresses that you have registered with our site, because you can not download files with an INACTIVE account. To remove your inactive account(s), please, use this link: This link only allows you to remove Inactive accounts, so do not worry, you will not remove your Active account, it can only be removed directly by the site administrators.
  • If you have forgotten your password, please, use the link "Forgot your Password" that you'll find on every page of our site. Remember that passwords in our database are 100% encrypted and we do not have access to them. The only way to recover your password is using the link provided. Please do not write us asking for your password because we cannot help you and the emails will not be answered.
  • If you change your email address, please update your data in our database. This is more important than you can assume because if you forget your password it will be sent exclusively to the email address registered on our site. If you lose access to your mailbox and definitely forget your password, we cannot help you and you will completely lose access to the site. To update your email address and/or your password, please, use the control panel that you will find after you log in.

Our system is 100% operative and login & access programs are working perfectly. We ask our members to have total control over their data recorded in our database.
Please write them down and keep in safe place

You have a lifetime membership; however if you lose your login data we cannot help you and you will not be able to download any more.