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The Personal Use Membership (standard subscription process) is strictly for personal use of our designs and does not convey the right to use any of our designs for any commercial purpose. If you wish to use our designs in a monetary profit business, you must purchase a Commercial Use Membership. Please carefully read and understand the requirements for Commercial use. Click HERE

These Terms of Use are basically referred to the "Personal Use Membership" (standard subscription process). Nevertheless some restrictions here established are applicable also to the "Commercial Use Membership". Please, read them carefully.

This site is maintained for the full enjoyment of scrapbooking, graphic design, and digital photography fans. It is hosted by a secure, high-speed server with large capacity hard drives that are able to host more than 16,000 high-resolution images and with a limitless bandwidth to allow downloads without any restrictions. The site is complete free of popup windows. We strictly maintain your privacy and don't make a profit from the information provided during the registration process.

To provide these advantages for the benefit and convenience of our visitors and users, we must charge a small lifetime Membership fee in return for unlimited download of all the designs. This fee does not represent a profit for the site owners.

For this reason, all images and graphics are exclusively for personal use. Any kind of commercial use is not permitted. Any commercial use of the designs that is not authorized by MangelsDesigns® becomes the sole liability of the person profiting from its use. By using this product you acknowledge that MangelsDesigns® will not be held responsible for any loss or damages incurred from the use of this product.

A MangelsDesigns® paid Membership gives you the right to download all the designs to be used in your personal layouts only. All designs will continue to be MangelsDesigns® copyrighted property. In no way will they belong to any member because a Membership fee has been paid and the images downloaded.

For strict personal use, the images can be modified either partially or totally without any restriction.

You may use our images in forums and e-mails, but you may not link them directly from our server. This is an illegal use of our bandwidth that jeopardizes our ability to continue offering our excellent services, and it infringes on other members’ rights. If you wish to use our Golden Names and images in forums and emails, you must download them to your hard drive and upload them to a server that provides this service. (This restriction also applies for the "Commercial Use Membership")

Be aware, this only means that you can use the images for your personal identification in forums, blogs or emails, for example, as avatars, signatures, blinkies, etc. The use of our server to download our images directly into forums and e-mails or share images in forums, blogs, websites, mails, etc. or links to the images or to your PRIVATE AREA is a violation of the subscription terms that will result in the immediate suspension of your Membership. (This restriction also applies for the "Commercial Use Membership")

Very Important

Strict prohibition of sharing log-in data with third parties

This restriction applies for both, Personal and Commercial Use Membership

The low Lifetime Membership fee is required to cover the lifetime cost of your own bandwidth consumption to download images.

Consequently, our registered users are forbidden from sharing their login address and password with other people to allow them to download images.

To detect this prohibited practice, our Web site maintains and controls the computer’s IP of its registered members. Any suspicious activity that might indicate that your login and password have been shared with others to allow image downloading will be investigated and could result in permanent Membership suspension.

If you need to change the computer you used to register or if you want to use more than one computer to access the site, please, follows the instructions here

We request all our dear members their biggest understanding and collaboration.

Any doubt or question please, read de HELP and FAQ sections.-

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